Why Locate in an Industrial Park

Why Locate in an Industrial Park

Practically, everyone in the business heard that one of the most crucial factors to ensure business success is location, location, and location. 

This is primarily pivotal if you operate a manufacturing business, warehousing, cottage industries, or agro-industrial enterprise, which involves enormous financial and economic investments.

To operate at maximum potential, many businesses consider locating in industrial real estate to quickly establish their needs and serve immediately – no need to acquire properties or build from scratch.

If you are thinking about it also, below are the top reasons why you should consider industrial parks in the Philippines.

More Exposure to Foreign Investors

Industrial parks have established their value as one of the leading hubs for both local and international revenues. The Philippines, along with its growing economy, has a particular niche and competitive standpoint that is unique from other countries. This makes the country one of the smartest investments for foreign investors to support.

The country enjoys highly trainable manpower, expanding infrastructure, and a significant number of natural resources due to its strategic location.

Industrial parks in the Philippines, which are spread out even in the provinces and fringes of cities, are one of the potential locations that investors can maximize. When this happens, local companies, such as yours, can have great opportunities like:

  • Access to the latest tools, technologies, and relevant and modern practices around the world;
  • Increase in export of goods through potential business partnerships;
  • Possibility of international business expansion;
  • Access to the business community is offered by the industrial park.

Through this ripple effect, there’s no doubt that you can also have global brand exposure. 

Synergy with Business Community 

Industrial parks and industrial estates are the most excellent environment for business owners and entrepreneurs. It is built in special economic zones in close proximity to possible clients, suppliers, and other mutually beneficial businesses and industries.

With its subsidized service and infrastructure, your business will see immediate growth and advancement over time. Companies will see a surge in export activity and become even more active in producing goods to accommodate the demands of the growing number of consumers.

Environmental Advantages

Industrial parks have become staunch advocates of sustainability in lessening the environmental impacts of pre- to post-production of goods. They ensure that the ecological design, energy design, waste design, and infrastructure principles associated with the area adhere to the principle of preserving existing ecosystems.

These components will positively impact environmental standards, especially since businesses are slowly rising from the COVID-19 pandemic. Industrial parks are aware of ecological and social effects as well as value sustainability. It will definitely create a system that caters to faster-producing goods with minimal waste and environmental harm.


Nowadays, businesses have become increasingly proactive in creating a safe and protected environment, especially with the COVID-19 pandemic and other risks for potential accidents in operations. 

Fortunately, industrial parks offer adequate security and in-house fire safety amenities to avoid these. Industrial park administrative teams are trained by the on-ground to respond to disasters and accidents, including the establishment of evacuation routes and making emergency supplies at arms reach. 

These advanced security systems and health checks of employees result in a flexible framework that maximizes operational efficiency and safety.

Greater Job Creation

The Philippines is experiencing a rapidly growing population, with recent data suggesting that the country has 104.9 million people. This surge poses more challenges to the economy, considering that the government must produce enough jobs to sustain the socio-economic needs of the communities.

The industrialization has been identified as one of the most efficient processes to transform the economy and jumpstart its growth. This can only be achieved by establishing industrial parks.

Industrial parks in the Philippines are generally located on the fringes of major economic areas, meaning it is nearer to a wider talent pool and more convenient to your potential employees.

Economically, growing employment can translate to additional income equipping the Philippine population with increased buying power boosting our overall economy.

Start Your Industrial Companies in the Philippines

Industrial parks will be a massive difference if you are eyeing to establish a more sustainable, productive, and future-proof operation. 

And if you are looking for a partner, especially in the south, Anflo Industrial Estate can always help. 

Anflo Industrial Estate is a 63-hectare industrial Special Economic Zone registered under the Philippine Economic Zone Authority. It is the Philippines’ Premier Agro-Industrial Hub and is strategically located between two major hubs, Davao City and Tagum City, and is designed to further develop the vast potential of the agro-industry of the Davao Region and Mindanao. 

If you want to know more about how Anflo can benefit your business, click here or speak to one of our advisors. 


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