Damosa Land: British trade mission seen to boost manufacturing industry

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DAVAO CITY- Damosa Land, Inc. Vice President, Ricardo ‘Cary’ Lagdameo, expressed to the British investors that the manufacturing industry is something that we can develop here in the Davao Region.

Talking at the plenary session of the two-day trade and investment summit in Davao City on March 31 at the Marco Polo Hotel, Lagdameo said that the region has some good manufacturing companies, but they are few and far between.

“We want to get Davao region to that level of what we see in Luzon, Laguna, Cavite, and Batangas. We want to encourage people either to expand their manufacturing operations here or to start their manufacturing operations here. The moment that we have some of those [manufacturing companies] here then it will continue to spur growth,” he said.

“In our case, we are providing the infrastructure so that people would come in and invest in a big way,” he added, noting that the new special economic zone in Panabo City, the Anflo Industrial Estate (AIE), is set to be the center for manufacturing industries and thus, the base for economic growth of the entire Davao region.

Most modern port terminal. Delegates of the 2-day trade and investment mission organized by the British Chamber of Commerce in the Philippines toured the Anflo Industrial Estate and Davao International Container Terminal in Panabo City. DICT and AIE’s close proximity to each other offers strategic opportunity for manufacturing companies to locate their operations in this industrial zone.

The 70-hectare export processing zone is offering locators the benefits of duty free importation of equipment and raw materials, income tax holiday, etc. It is a self-sustaining economic zone with complete facilities for manufacturing, warehousing, and agro-industrial components; and is duly licensed by the Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA).

“With improved connectivity, in the case of ports in the region, it allows now the manufacturing companies to efficiently process and export their products anywhere in the world,” Mr. Lagdameo said, adding that proper infrastructure and utilities at place are key for attracting investors here in the region. He also noted that the AIE is situated next to Davao International Container Terminal, which will provide a conducive environment for locators who would want to strive in the export market.

The trade and investment summit, which happened on March 30-31, was organized by the British Chamber of Commerce in the Philippines (BCBP) in partnership with the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PCCI), Makati Business Club (MBC) and the Philippine British Business Council (PCBP).

Damosa Land hosted the sector briefing and networking lunch where the delegates, headed by the British Ambassador to the Philippines Asif Ahmad, were oriented with the business climate and the overall condition of the region in terms of its capacity to welcome more investments. It was highlighted by a site visit at select business units such as the Anflo Industrial Estate Corporation (AIEC) and the Davao International Container Terminal, Inc. (DICT) in Panabo.

Exploring opportunities beyond borders. Heads of various private and government sector organizations meet to discuss how foreign investors, including members of the British Chamber of Commerce in the Philippines, can explore possible investment opportunities in the region.

Invited trade summit delegates from British companies visited Davao City and explored the business landscape and opportunities in the city for possible new partnerships in the public and private sectors. They met with key players from the different sectors as well as prominent Mindanao-based companies such as the Anflo Management and Investment Corporation (Anflocor), Damosa Land, DICT, AIEC, Phoenix Petroleum Philippines, Inc., and ICT Davao Inc., among others.

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